A friend discovered the Holocene slide decks and was impressed. I don't recall what that looks like, but I think it reminds me of Apple HotSauce fly-through. (more)

Combining Fractally Open Society, Generative, Worldview Roadmap, and ideas from a variety of existing Pattern Language-s. (more)

aka Wiki Sphere; parallel to BlogWeb, the universe of (clusters of) WikiSpaces. (To think of Wiki-like links across WebApps, see AppWiki!) (more)

Jul'2015: triggered by Mike Caulfield recent posts (emphasis on curating, connecting, annotations) plus others' responding/riffing, want to start over without even assuming wiki. (more)

David Chalmers sees his IPhone as more than an Outboard Brain, but as part of his mind (Cyborg). "A whole lot of my cognitive activities and my brain functions have now been uploaded into my IPhone. It stores a whole lot of my beliefs, phone numbers, addresses, whatever. It acts as my memory for these things. It's always there when I need it." Chalmers even claims it holds some of his desires. "I have a list of all of my favorite dishes at the restaurant we go to all the time in Canberra. I say, OK, what are we going to order? Well, I'll pull up the iPhone - these are the dishes we like here. It's the repository of my desires, my plans."

Meet Notejoy, a better way to organize team docs. Today I’m excited to announce the launch of the productivity app my co-founder Ada and I have been building over the last 2 years. Meet Notejoy, a better way to organize team docs. (more)

Buster Benson has made a separate Twitter account fed by a Markov Chain of his past Tweets, inspired by the Horse Ebooks bot. (TwitterBot?) (more)

Making data visible as passing through the Real World (more)

Mark Bernstein on Scott McCloud's Making Comics on its lessons for Story Telling. Some of his points are new and important. In a single frame, for example, he sums up beautifully why simple immersive media wouldn't accomplish everything we want, (even if) we all had HoloDecks (Virtual Reality) at our disposal. (Comic Book)

Virtual Reality involves a number of promising technologies, none of which have come into wide use yet (2013). (more)

MCF browser app (more)

Method for visualizing the connections between pages in a WikiSpace, and ideally connections to other wiki spaces (Sister Sites). (more)

The Advanced Technology Group (ATG) was a corporate research laboratory at Apple Computer from 1986 to 1997. ATG was an evolution of Apple's Education Research Group (ERG) and was started by LarryTesler in October 1986 to study long term research into future technologies that were beyond the time frame or organizational scope of any individual product group. Over the next decade it was led by DavidNagel, RichardLeFaivre,[1] and Don Norman.[2] It was known as AppleResearchLabs during Norman's tenure as VP of the organization. Steve Jobs closed the group when he returned to Apple in 1997... Apple's ATG was the birthplace of Color Quick Draw, Quick Time, Quick Time VR, Quick Draw 3D, QuickRing, 3DMF the 3D metafile graphics format, Color Sync, HyperCard, Apple events, Apple Script, Apple's PlainTalk speech recognition software, Apple Data Detectors, the VTwin software for indexing, storing, and searching text documents, Macintalk Pro Speech Synthesis, the Newton handwriting recognizer,[4] the component software technology leading to OpenDoc, MCF, HotSauce, Squeak Smalltalk, and the children's programming environment Cocoa (a trademark Apple later reused for its otherwise unrelated Cocoa application frameworks). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Advanced_Technology_Group


This is the publicly-readable WikiLog Thinking Space of Bill Seitz (a Product Manager and CTO) (also a Wiki-Junkie).

My Calling: to accelerate Evolution by increasing Freedom, Agency, and Leverage of Free Agents and smaller groups (SmallWorld) via D And D of Thinking Tools (software and Games To Play).

See Intro Page for space-related goals, status, etc.; or Wiki Node for more terse summary info.

Beware the War On The Net!


Seeking: CTO/Chief Product Officer-type position in funded organization with entrepreneurial culture, in Chicago area. My value: accelerating business-changing product development.