My software creations include dozens of commercial software applications, including one of the first consumer tools in mobile computing history, the highly successful and award-winning LapLink™ communications application. (more)

The Untold Story of Jaime Levy, Punk-Rock Cyber-Publishing Pioneer. In the early ’90s, Jaime Levy, a punk-rock hacker chick from Los Angeles, marched into the Tisch Building at NYU without an appointment. The move was part bombast, part desperation: She wanted to join the university’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). (more)

Christensen Institute: Betting on bootcamps: How short-course training programs could change the landscape of higher ed. Bootcamps focused on coding and computer science have emerged as an important pipeline for tech talent. (more)

Christensen Institute: A closure highlights the challenges of adopting a disruptive strategy. In early 2017, we wrote about the potentially disruptive trajectory of Level, a bootcamp built by Northeastern University (more)

Christensen Institute: Transforming college into a hub of lifelong learning: Northeastern University’s Level bootcamp. One of the ways Northeastern is answering higher education’s workforce readiness challenge is to build an experiential analytics bootcamp called Level, led by Northeastern’s vice president for new ventures, Nick Ducoff. (more)

Christensen Institute: Four lessons universities can learn from the booming business of learning. It’s a tough time for colleges (more)

App to run on my Android phones when Android File Transfer won't work. (more)

The IndieWeb folks seem to be aiming toward a replacement for the RssAggregator. (more)

Very cool Computer Programming language: (more)

Messaging app created by Ray Ozzie, focused on short voice bits. (more)

Ray Ozzie's new Collaboration Ware app Talko is a little bit WhatsApp, a little bit Google Voice, and a little bit Push To Talk app Voxer. The app lets you text, call, send voice or photo messages, and conference call your team — with the ease of today’s top consumer apps. Every message and call is recorded inside one thread, and you can bookmark specific audio bits or messages so people can return to them later (similar to Sound Cloud)... Talko is built around the asynchronous nature of how we talk to each other today. If somebody misses the beginning of a Conference Call, they can hop in midway and listen to what’s happened, or send a quick text to the people on the call, or listen to the call later with the aid of bookmarks and tags to guide the way. (more)

John Battelle: Maybe Facebook Should Abandon the News Feed Altogether. There was a time, about a decade ago, when for a brief moment I thought Facebook would become the platform underpinning the open internet. (more) is announcing a new API method called Relay that aims to drastically improve the way both merchants and consumers transact on their mobile device. The service is available today. With Stripe Relay, StripeCom enables developers to create native app buying experiences instead of bringing visitors to a mobile website that often doesn’t convert... Naturally Twitter is Stripe’s first launch partner. Users will see a standard-looking tweet with a buy button embedded in it. When they click on the button, the transaction will appear in Twitter instead of taking them to the merchant’s website. (more)

Starting a company (StartUp) can be needlessly complicated—lengthy paperwork, bank visits, legal complexity, numerous fees, and non-obvious decisions about what services to use. We built Stripe Atlas to make this easy: a tool to handle everything involved in establishing an internet business. It’s available to entrepreneurs everywhere. (more)

Ian Bicking and David Heinemeier Hansson on the SnakesAndRubies event that brought Ruby On Rails and Django people together. Meta Programming, Domain Specific Language-s, etc. Hansson has good bits on relative Positioning of different frameworks - I think the Python Web Framework crowd (and every Open Source project) should be thinking about such framing. Bicking explores syntax alternatives and barriers. (more)

Social movements are a type of Group Action (Collective Action). They are large informal groupings of individuals or organizations which focus on specific political or social issues. In other words, they carry out, resist or undo a Social Change. (more)

Coming from work on Making GoogleAssistant CoachBot, trying to get new domain working without SSL, before getting SSL working, having weird issues... (more)

Stafford Beer (born Anthony Stafford Beer, 25 September 1926 – 23 August 2002) was a British theorist, consultant and professor at the Manchester Business School[1]. He is best known for his work in the fields of operational research and management cybernetics. (cf CyberSyn)

Cybernetics-based BigGov experiment? (more)


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