My Mastodon Wishes

Everyone has a complaint list about Mastodon, so I should write down my own. More importantly, I should consider whether such changes can/must be implemented at the level of app/flavor, instance, client, or add-on (cf Fediverse).

Search: probably layers of desire

  • my toots
  • others' toots that I retoot/favorite/bookmark
  • others' toots in threads I retoot/favorite/bookmark (e.g. if I do that to 1 toot in a thread, I save the entire thread before/after that)
  • all toots from others I follow
  • all toots containing a certain link/url
  • all toots on my instance
  • all toots in the fediverse

Account migration: probably layers

  • bring my lists of followers
  • auto-forward checks of my old feed to my new feed
  • static archive of my toots on an instance that's gone/dead
  • ??

Quote-Toots: I don't care much

Things I care about for other people

Easier comparing/picking of instances and clients.

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