Bringing together, at least temporarily, a number of semi-related links that would normally be in their own nodes, around PrivAcy and the Open Social Networking Model.

Alexis Madgrial quotes Margot Kaminski wondering whether some breadth of SharIng (Social Networking) would reduce our legal expectation of PrivAcy. (Kaminski isn't saying that such legal thinking makes sense, but rather that it smells like the future if the Supreme Court keeps thinking like Samuel Alito (or Eric Holder).)

Schools and potential employers are requiring people to provide access to their Social Networking data. Goemann said that prisons are trying to avoid hiring guards with potential gang ties — the agency told the ACLU it had reviewed 2,689 applicants via social media, and denied employment to seven because of items found on their pages.

Adrianne Jeffries on Consumer Bank/Credit Card use of the Social Graph. Movenbank requires users to connect their Facebook accounts upon registering, data from which will be baked into a proprietary “CRED” score, a number that determines which rates and products are available. The exact recipe is still being written, but eventually Movenbank will boost your CRED as you hook it up to your accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn and even eBay, which calculates a reputation score based on buyer feedback. It’s not the only metric, Mr. King said, but a strong Twitter presence could tip the scale in favor of a marginally risky borrower... If banks learn how to use social media, they could gather information they aren’t allowed to ask for on a credit application—including race, marital status and receipt of public assistance—or worse, to redline segments of the Social Graph.

Vic Gundotra just said that Google Plus won't be getting a writable (nor even readable like RSS!) API any time soon.

Evan Prodromou (of Status Net) shares a HackPad document with folks to solicit ideas for his "Decentralized Social Web" session at SXSW.

Paul Booker wonders how MozIlla should get involved.

Some of the NextEdge group are discussing the relevance of Ward Cunningham's Smallest Federated Wiki.

Tristan Louis thinks that all Walled Garden-s are bad, even PayWall-s. So Search Engine-s shouldn't index them, and the rest of us shouldn't link to them.

So I asked in a couple threads: what's the real goal of this effort?

(And maybe it's time to re-read Little Brother.)

Mar21 update: Albert Wenger says I really need to read Jeff Jarvis's Public Parts.

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