(2003-09-09) Cached Backlinks

Finally implemented a Cached BackLinks idea - Visible Backlinks. In any non-bloggy Wiki page, the BackLinks show up at the bottom of the page, so you don't have to bother hitting the BackLinks page, and you're reminded of the pages that refer to the current page. Two Way Links are a key benefit of Wiki's auto-linking-via-WikiWord - I think this approach makes that benefit more tangible. Let me know what you think.

feedback --2003/09/10 07:12 GMT
I like backlinks on each page. I implemented them through Simon's latest internal backlinks function prototype Zwiki:BackLinks (?) (previous dtml had catalog errors and I think slower)

Anyway, mine are in the lower right hand corner. I'm not sure if they're used much. I don't usually expect the page link as a nav. aid as an anonymous access shows the backlinks management page, not a simple list. Hmm... I wonder if a list of "links on this page" would be useful there, this is hwat you mean by Two Way Links, right? --Zwiki:DeanG

  • Dean, where did you implement them? I don't see them [here](http://nomad.freezope.org/main/Creative Writing) --BillSeitz

re: implementing --DeanGoodmanson, 2003/09/11 13:55 GMT
Arg, forgot context: I implemented them in my own intranet wiki through...

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