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Just discovered Ward Cunningham's new Spike Solution of Smallest Federated Wiki (P2P). The Smallest Federated Wiki project wants to be small in the "easy to learn powerful ideas" version of small. It wants to be a Wiki Engine so that strangers can meet and create works of value together. And it wants to be federated so that the burden of maintaining long-lasting content is shared among those who care... This project should be judged by the degree that it can: Demonstrate that wiki would have been better had it been effectively federated from the beginning. Explore federation policies necessary to sustain an open creative community. RuBy Personal Server (not Ruby On Rails). A step beyond WikiWeb, more oriented toward Creative Network Group Forming?

Big emphasis on Client Side rendering, which reminds me of Tiddly Wiki.

Does this assume that each node doesn't have to deal with NAT/FireWall issues? Not to mention that this assumes you have a machine that's AlwaysOn. Can this be run on Cheap Hosting?

Ward presented this at IndieWeb Camp (attendees). Rather than posting content on many third-party silos of content, we should all begin owning the content we're creating. Publish short status updates on your own domain, and syndicate to Twitter. Publish photos on your own domain, syndicate to Flickr, etc, etc. See z2009-06-03-DentPersonalContentRoot.

  • the demo notes: Ed describes the brainstorming behind figuring out the Smallest Federated Wiki he worked with Ward Cunningham on. He's built an appliance on Amazon Ec2 that will run the server. They started in NodeJs but switched to Sinatra: it may not stay in Sinatra. They're going to run two read-only instances of the wiki and see if they can get them to federate with each other.

Everything is in GitHub.

Update: Ward posted some short videos.

  • GUI editor - drag paragraphs around (NodeWeb), even across pages - each node is a JSON element

  • people's pages don't get merged together, they just get replicated.
  • "an internal link could be internal to the federation (WikiWeb), not just your own server"

Jan'2012: still working on it.

  • You can browse the pages that are publicly accessible, including a PersonA list for the project.

z2011-07-29- Cunningham Smallest Federated Wiki
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Hurricane Party switched to a Lean Startup process to PivOt to their new ForeCast tool.

  • original product was for creating/sharing "parties" on the fly
  • did big Product Launch work at SXSW, but lacked real strategy for what their goals were

  • found almost nobody ever created more than 1 party
  • "Why are non-party people making a party app?"
  • Key assumption to challenge: "People are spontaneous" (e.g. don't have weekend plans set in advance)
  • Used Beluga to test concept internally before building anything.
  • Did ~15 Problem Interview-s, collecting data in Google Docs spreadsheet.

    • had 3 related problems, no clear winner/loser for primary problem
  • for Solution Interview-s had customers click through Balsamiq Mockups

  • did ABTest to confirm users wanted multi-checkins. Though actual longer-running behavior data didn't show all that much usage(?)

  • possibly too much time in closed-beta process (~60 users)? Too much refining/optimizing from bogus sample?
  • now

People attending the talk gave strong push-back on whether they have any Unfair Advantage: esp vs Four Square, GooGle (Google Calendar, Google Plus), FaceBook, PlanCast.

z2011-07-25- Hurricane Party Transitioning To Lean
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KentBeck defines the early Life Cycle of a StartUp, and applies Lean Startup principles to the earlier phases in UnitTest work, the tracking and fixing of bugs (Issue Tracker, Zero Defect) and design. Only some testing and defect fixing serve to reduce latency and increase the frequency and value of experimentation over the short term. Design belongs on the list of activities that need to be responsibly performed in moderation during the takeoff phase. If it's Thursday and you only have enough money to last until Friday at 5, the responsible thing to do is perform another market experiment, not automate a difficult test, fix a random defect, or refactor away duplication... Every startup feels overwhelming from the inside, but every dawn brings exactly one day in which to work. The cellist Pablo Casals was once asked how he had the stamina to play a long passage of blisteringly fast sixteenth notes. "I rest between the notes," was his reply. In a startup you can "rest" between experiments. If an ABTest takes a day to gather significant results, that's a day you can spend investing in the future without jeopardizing the present. Spend time between crises wisely and you'll have both a system and a business you can be proud of.

z2009-08-13- Beck Startup Phases And Xp Adjustments
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represented Sony threatening websites who report on their hacked executive emails

SoNy is finally dropping DRM for its MP3 distribution. Sony BMG would become the last of the top four music labels to drop DRM, following Warner Music Group (WMG), which in late December said it would sell DRM-free songs through's (AMZN) digital music store. EMI and Vivendi's Universal Music Group announced their plans for DRM-free downloads earlier in 2007. ... Worse for the labels, the restrictions ultimately resulted in less control over the paid download industry. Because DRM tended to tie consumers to the store most compatible with their music device, the record labels unwittingly gave much of the power over music distribution to Apple Computer, the manufacturer of the most popular digital music player, the IPod.

z2008-01-04- Sony Drops Drm
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KenWhite recognizes he can't blame college students for their anti-FreeDom attitudes too much when our entire CultUre has trained them that way. Terror Ism, War On Drugs, Free Speech... I call these young people out for valuing illusory and subjective safety over liberty. I accuse them of accepting that speech is "harmful" without logic or proof. I mock them for not grasping that universities are supposed to be places of open inquiry. I condemn them for not being critical about the difference between nasty speech and nasty actions, and for thinking they have a right not to be offended. I belittle them for abandoning fundamental American values.

But recently a question occurred to me: where, exactly, do I think these young people should have learned the values that I expect them to uphold?

Today's college students came of age in the years after 9/11. What did we teach them about the balance between liberty and safety in that time?

z2015-04-19- White Anti Freedom Culture

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My Calling: to accelerate Evolut Ion by increasing FreeDom and Opportunity and AgenCy for many people via DAndD of Thinking Tools (software and Games To Play) that increase the LeverAge of Free Agent-s and smaller groups (Small World).

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