stopped updating OS 1yr after launch - why would I buy HTC again?

I really want my Web Browser to have the concept of Window Group-s, kinda like MacOsX Spaces.

Tabs are nice to have a bunch of related pages together so you can hide/show them together. But that doesn't let you see windows side-by-side.

Smallest Federated Wiki lets you see a series of related pages Side By Side, but only side-by-side, without window-resizability and 2D placement.

Esp when working with a WiKi or other functional WebApp-s, I like having a bunch of smaller windows. (You can't do this with many content-sites because they have too much design-crap in sidebars.) But then when I want to put that aside for awhile, being able to hide all the windows in that group, and then re-show them all together later, makes a lot of sense.

You could think of a group almost like a MindMap. A CardDeck with a sticky arrangement.

The MacOsX Spaces focus on grouping apps is totally wrong for this, right?

The way that Smallest Federated Wiki puts pages in a sideways-series of tiles sub-windows is interesting, but (a) not really controllable enough, and (b) only include the pages in SFW-space.

The show-all your opened/recent tiddlers model in Tiddly Wiki/Tiddly Space is also interesting, but again they slide away, and you can't control the size/position of individual sub-windows.

Really, this shouldn't be within the browser, but groups of windows across app, so if you have an email in Thunder Bird and a PDF in Preview that relate to some browser windows, you should be able to group them together. But I'd compromise on this being a browser feature.

Does Google Chrome's TabSugar do this? It hasn't been touched in 3yrs because of some API issue...

What's the status of FireFox's Tab Groups add-on (which used to be Panorama) do the job?

  • It's still available, but seems just like an overview mode to get you to a standard window of multiple tabs. Bummer.

z2014-04-23- Browser Window Groups Or Spaces
Tiddly Space

Dave Winer has launched a Little Card editor that lets you post a text-over-picture to TwittEr.

It's not Twitter Cards. Not a CardDeck.

He's retweeting people's use.

z2014-07-01- Winer Little Card
Mine Craft

Neal Stephenson wants to build a sword-fighting Computer Game engine called CLANG, picking up on his Mongol Iad ties to Western Martial Art-s. His group is seeking Kick Starter funding: they already have $300k+ of their $500k target. Looks like they aim to use UniTy.

Jul09: successfully funded.

Sept'2013: Subutai Corporation, the developer of the game, has said in an update to Kickstarter backers that it has “hit the pause button” on the game’s development “while we get the financing situation sorted out.” In other words, it has burned through the over half a million dollars that backers donated to get Clang made, and can’t finish the game without more money.

z2012-06-18- Stephenson Clang Sword Game Crowdfunding
Twitter Cards
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Tweet Storm
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Mac Book Pro
My Intro Blurb
Freelance Market

Charlie Berg (ex-pro musician) has a presentation about Jazz (ImProv) as a MetaPhor for Agile Product Development. Jazz band as Complex Adaptive Systems.

z2009-10-14- Berg Jazz Agile

Ian Bicking is seeking the Next Level Of Collaboration Ware. Intense collaboration is cool, but it’s not comprehensive. I don’t want to always be watching over your shoulder. What will first come to mind is privacy, but that’s not interesting to me. I would rather address privacy by helping you scope your actions, let you interact with your peers or not and act appropriately with that in mind. I don’t want to engage with my collaborators all the time because it’s boring and unproductive and my eyes glaze over. I want to engage with other people appropriately: with all the intensity called for given the circumstances, but also all the passivity that is also sometimes called for. I’ve started to think in terms of categories of collaboration.

z2014-03-05- Bicking Next Level Of Collaboration
Ian Bicking
Hieroglyph Stories
Hieroglyph Project

Just got new Mac Book Pro - z2014-06-11-MacBookProDying.

When first setting up, I believe it connected to the UVerse WiFi ok. But immediately went into process of restoring from Time Machine BackUp, so didn't really check.

Since restore is done, can't connect to WiFi. The WiFi icon in the ribbon-bar keeps flashing some up-arrow icon with the regular radio-rings. If I open Network Preferences, the status keeps flashing back and forth between "wifi is turned on but not connected to a network" and "wifi is connected to ... and has the IP address".

Tried changing the UVerse router channel. Didn't help.

Changed the router encryption from WPA to WEP-open.

  • other IMac still connecting fine.

  • but now Mac Book Pro fails to connect in different way - times out from the "connecting to..." process.

  • also my Nexus Seven fails to connect now - I Forgot the network, re-connected, it accepted the password, saved the network, but never actually connects to it. Tried soft-reset, still couldn't connect.

  • So changed back to WPA. Nexus Seven now connecting fine again.

(At multiple points in the process, have removed the Network Location from the list of remembered networks. That hasn't helped, either. Also rebooted once.)

Also note, there's a gpg-client process in the mix which is failing to start. Maybe figure out how to remove that, then restart? Hrm, doesn't seem possible without a network to download uninstaller from.

Drove to Mc Donalds - couldn't connect to their WiFi either. But confirms that this is just a Mac Book Pro issue, UVerse is irrelevant factor.

Try MacOsX Mavericks dump-Blue Tooth-prefs hack. (Upon restart, found ref, found the file, deleted it.) Didn't solve WiFI problem.

  • I have 10.9.4, and others (see comments) still have WiFi problems which were supposedly fixed by this update.

Oh, goody, here's a long list of things to try.

  • PRAM reset: Done/fail.

  • SMC reset: done/fail

  • Set service order
    • can't seem to save name of new Location - if click Done end up with an "Untitled"
    • never get "set service order" menu options - only options are "Duplicate" and "Rename"
    • but after I hit Apply in network prefs, I seem to be connected!
z2014-09-08- Macbookpro Failing To Connect To Uverse Wifi

I fear my Mac Book Pro is Dying. In the middle of a Google Chrome session, the video went haywire, froze, then the Mac started a series of 3-beeps.

A couple restarts seemed OK for a few seconds, but then the same thing would happen.

Ran Apple Hardware Test test, regular and Extended, found No Problem. Screen was fuzzy the whole time.

Did the SMC and PRAM resets. If anything, this made it worse, get frozen white screen at end of boot-up. And at start of boot up, the Apple logo is green.

Of course my Time Capsule has been hinky, so haven't had recent BackUp.

Thurs: Do FireWire-boot from older IMac (FireWire logo is nice and crisp on screen), copy some documents over, though no Thunder Bird archives or recent music purchases...

  • later copy all documents over, except for the ITunes stuff.

Boot in Safe mode. After progress bar, comes up with fat bright yellow green vertical bars. But no alerts.

At this point booting in regular mode goes from green logo to solid white screen...

Jun14 update: took to Apple Store to take a look. They're sending it to repair center. Just 8 days out of 3-yr period! But/so they decided to honor the warranty, so no cost to me!

Jun17: got msg it's ready

Jun19: go pickup. Yes got new logic board. They almost charged me, but I had him check the notes, and got comped!

Jun20: whoa screen just turned to grey pinstripes in middle of Chrome stuff! Seems OK post-reboot... Nope, definitely hosed.

Jun21: take it back to Apple Store

Jun26: get call, it has come back. They replaced the logic board again, plus the hard drive, the MagSafe Board, and the "Bracket Top Case Front". They ask if I want them to do a 24hr burn-test at the store before I pick up, so I say yes.

Jun27: pick it up, bring it home. Yes, it's a new drive so totally wiped. They re-installed the same MacOsX 10.6.8, so I'm going to leave that alone. I guess I'll restore from the Time Machine BackUp.

  • grr realize the Time Capsule is totally dead. Un/re-plug does nothing, just sits there.

  • I don't suppose I can go around this problem by connecting the IOmega directly to the Mac Book Pro?

    • it mounts, asks if I want to use it for Time Capsule backups, I say "Decide Later". See there's a 175GB *.sparsebundle file on the drive

    • but if I select "Browse Other Time Machine Disks" menu, the popup select-window doesn't show any entries.

  • start Chat with Apple Support. They have me find original Install DVD, boot from that, pick "Restore from Time Machine Backup" from Utilities window (while IOmega is still attached), it gives me list of backups stored, I pick latest (argh from Jun02) to restore from... says it will take 6hrs.

  • update: it worked

Jul01: finally get around to merging my post-Time Capsule BackUp bits onto the machine. Everything is up and running now.

Sept07: omg it's doing it again! Fresh BackUp, fresh manual docs copies to IMac, appointment made....

  • They actually replaced it with a brand new Retina machine at no charge! You betcha I paid $350 for Apple Care!

z2014-06-11- Mac Book Pro Dying

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