A friend posted this link that has title "CNN Targets Thomas Jefferson Memorial – Says It Should Be Torn Down Because SLAVERY" which includes a shot of a dialogue between Ashleigh Banfield and DonLemon, discussing whether the same argument that was used to bring down the Confederate Flag in many places this week can/should be applied to the Jefferson Memorial.

Even the LATimes picked up this controversy without pointing out the obvious bad-faith misquoting by right-wing nutjobs.

This conversation was a follow-up to an interview Banfield had just completed with BenJones where he was arguing that the Flag should not be taken down.

So the top link above shows her discussing with Lemon a comment that Jones had made in pre-interview conversations. We don't have the quote for that, but it seems obviously that Jones had made the point, "well Jefferson owned slaves are we saying we should tear down the Memorial?", and so she was bringing up that idea with Lemon, about whether it's an appropriate equivalence. And Lemon said quite clearly that the 2 are not equivalent (and she obviously agreed). Yeah, Lemon went on to say "There may come a day when we want to rethink Jefferson. I don't know if we should do that." which is kinda vague, but certainly not anything like what the right-wingers are pretending anyone said.

z2015-06-26- Cnn Confederate Flag Vs Jefferson Memorial

Last month is was bugging me that MobIle phones don't have return-to-owner info on the outside. Seems like an obvious need, regardless of whether people use "find/lock your missing phone" features.

Then I realized my NexusSix has a clear cover! So I cut off a chunk of my Business Card and stuck it in there. Derp then realized that giving the phone number of the mobile wasn't very useful. So hand-wrote an ugly little card to replace it.

Then today, Number Two Son mentioned that his phone case is falling apart. And it suddenly struck me:

Barnes And Noble should sell phone cases decorated like Book Cover-s, or author portraits, or such.

z2015-06-26- Mobile Phone Cover Design Ideas
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Joel Kotkin on the Ephemeral City (Urban Development). The ephemeral city's relationship to surrounding regions and the wider world is somewhat symbiotic. It feeds off the wealth generated elsewhere while providing a stage where the affluent classes can expend their treasure most fashionably. These cities have developed in part because most industrial, commercial, and service functions are now more economically performed other places... Having lost the economic and demographic initiative to the hinterlands, cities have two alternatives. They can work to become more competitive in terms of jobs, attracting skilled workers and Middle Class families, or they can refocus their efforts on providing playpens for the IdleRich, the restless young, and tourists. All too often the latter strategy is what many municipalities appear to be adopting. A number of cities now regard TourIsm, CultUre, and Entertain Ment as "core" assets... In a globalized economy, certain cities--ParIs, San Francisco, perhaps even BerLin and MontReal--have a chance of making this work... According to Wharton real-estate professor Joseph Gyourko, Philadelphia Pa's much ballyhooed "center city" resurgence represents a more substantial success. But the downtown glitz has not halted the continued decline of many neighborhoods, or the ebbing of jobs and exodus of the middle class to the suburbs. New lofts are built just a short ride from neighborhoods where thousands of abandoned buildings stand ready to collapse... But what about the amenity-rich places, the ones capable of appealing to PartTime urbanites and sojourning young people? They need to ask an even more basic question about what kind of city they want to become. Art galleries, clubs, bars, and boutiques make these places undeniably fun, but they are not the things that convince the Middle Class, families, and most businesses to commit to a city for the long term. Relying on the culturally curious, these cities could be destined to become hollow places, DisNey-lands for adults... History shows that even the most culturally rich cities cannot thrive long when deficient in families, a strong middle class, and Upwardly Mobile working people... A great city is more about clean and workable neighborhoods, thriving business districts, and functioning schools than massive cultural buildings or hipster lofts... The great work of cities is best accomplished in small steps, block by block.

z2005-04-30- Kotkin Ephemeral City
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