Excellent David Schmaltz posting about thinking of a Project Team as a Project Community. I think of the role of project community membership as bringing with it a set responsibilities, similar to the responsibilities that Citizen Ship carries... This transforms the project assignment into something other than simply an individual fulfilling a role "for" the project, which can place the individual's needs, interests, and full capabilities into the background behind their defined project role, at some level sacrificing themselves for the project, into one where an individual's role becomes a medium for them to more fully express themselves... In a classic project role, someone tells you what to do and you agree to do it. If you aren't directed to do it, you can't be held accountable for it not getting done. The community member's role isn't structured like that... With the project community member role come a number of "enlightened Self Interest"-level choices, (including) the choice (AgenCy) of using your assigned role as a medium for pursuing your own purpose, because this creates the foundation for a personally and collectively JuicY experience... That these ethics are better known than they are commonly exercised was one of the reasons I wrote the book in the first place. Our Mastering Project Work workshop focuses upon these choices, and helps individuals bring this often Tacit Knowledge into more mindful play. So, as a Project Manager, I will assign roles and responsibilities, and as a project Community Builder, I will engage in conversations focused upon helping others find their project within their project assignment. (MissIon, Shared Mission, Games Theory)

Feb'2009: coming at it from another angle. No One Is Apathetic, Except When Pursuing Someone Else's Goals

z2003-05-24- Schmaltz Proj Community
Agile Impressions
Agile Squad

MIT Prof. Christine Ortiz recently announced her plan to create a radical new research university. “I’m looking at a new (College Education) model, where the whole sort of vocabulary is different,” she said. “I don’t see it having any face to face, on-the-ground lectures, actually.”... The university, still unnamed, will still have physical infrastructure, but will prioritize on “Project Based Learning” where students learn by working together on a challenge for an extended period of time.

z2016-01-31- Mit Ortiz Start Project Based University

Ross Mayfield explains PingPad's Consumer FreemIum Business Model (in light of EverNote's woes). In my view consumer freemium is the best business model for consumer software because it doesn’t have scale limitations... Consumer freemium, especially for a VirAl app like Pingpad, let’s you invest in the product to benefit users instead of marketing to benefit vendors. It encourages you to go for scale, creating network effects that are natural barriers to entry vs. the competition... if someone wants to be a group owner and have control (see the lock on the left), they will have to pay for being an inhibitor of viral growth... The classical reason there is Enter Prise vs. consumer is the former demands customization and the latter demands a focused (Coher Ence) engaging experience at scale. It is by going enterprise you end up a Frankenstein, and it’s how you manage that balance. If you go to early you will be pulled apart by differing enterprise requirements before realizing your core and whole product concept.

z2016-01-04- Mayfield Pingpad Consumer Freemium
Systems Thinking
JohnGall's *SystemAntics*
Human System

Our UVerse WiFi was seeming a bit better since our last router replacement a couple months ago. But now it's bad again.

  • latest router: Pace 5268AC FXN

Hmm, related to upgrading our IMac to El Capitan? z2016-01-23-MigrateFromIphotoToPhotos

Unplugged WiFi-repeater. No help. (But leave it off.)

UVerse says trying testing wired connection. Not easy, none of the current laptops have an EtherNet jack! And router is in basement with no good place to stick a desktop. Have to use Number Three's 6-yo laptop!

Jan31: hook up Number Three's, use speedtest.net (which they request)

  • Laptop wired: ping 471, down 1.9, up 0.9
  • Tells Boys sleep, try again: ping 70, down 2.5, up 1.3
  • Again immed: ping 34, down 3.1, up 1.3
  • Again Speed Of Me ping 41, down 1.5-3, up 1.3

  • Grr Crash Plan was running before. Have Number Two Son start doing homework, but Crash Plan now paused...

  • Ping 444, dow 2.6, up 1.02
  • Number Two Son sleep again, ping 28, down 6.3, up 1.3

  • Number Two Son wake again, ping 469, down 2.0

  • so, it appears that not only is the IMac the machine with the worst situation, but having it active makes everyone else's machine slower, even a wired machine!

run WiFi diagnostics stuff on my laptop

  • currently channel 9, best 2.4GHz: 1, 11 (but I'm staying on 9 for now)
  • SNR ~34, signal -60db

check Number One Son laptop: hard to tell, but pretty sure he's on 801.11n - update=confirmed

go to Number Two Son IMac

Feb01 try more

  • call Apple, get no real satisfaction, since I've already done everything. No improvement. Tech suggests calling UVerse.

  • upgrade UVerse from 6Mbps down to 18Mbps.

  • speedtest.net on Mac Book Pro/WiFi while IMac asleep: ping 22ms, down 22.8, up 1.98

  • wakeup IMac, launch MsWord and quit it immediately. Rerun speedtest on MBP: ping 340ms, 2.7 down!?!?!

  • call UVerse: guy on phone says he seems like "line noise" issue, will send tech


  • UVerse guy comes

    • no sign of line noise
    • he upgrades a card at the neighborhood box, should give us more "upstream"
    • is there a page on router-UI that shows use-amounts of network

    • house has 32Mbps cap, includes tv! Each nonHD stream uses ~5MBps? So if have 4 channels recording/watching, that eats up a chunk of my pipe (but that's not an issue here)
  • schedule Apple Store for tomorrow

    • WiFi

    • uploading of Photos to ICloud - how trigger/control?

    • how auto-split giant IPhoto event?

    • need more memory?
    • need new faster machine for ACS?

      • install ACS while I'm there on faster pipe?



  • BackUp ran successfully

  • of course WiFi is running fast this morning

  • go Apple Store

    • don't need to replace the IMac, more recent models aren't that huge a jump

    • Memory increase should be sufficient
    • But do it elsewhere?
      • They won't install here (except when buying new machine)
      • Apple overcharges for memory. Order online from http://crucial.com then install myself: instructions linked from right in About This Mac screen

    • Photos/IPhoto

      • IPhoto definitely not happy with huge libraries, Photos is fine with it. So migrate ASAP.

      • Not aware of problems with migration. Maybe corrupt library, needs repair (hold cmd-opt on launch)?
      • Why is IPhoto library half the size when converted to Photos? Maybe old IPhoto library fat from problems? Do rebuild.

      • Only 1 Photos library can be in ICloud (System), also bad to change! Also beware of iphone merging

      • Photos has pause-upload. )
      • Move router?
      • Rssi - noise should be over 20
  • back home
    • leave BackUp drive off

    • order 16GB memory
    • rebuild Family IPhoto library (starting at 123GB): repair permissions (takes 1min), repair library (start 1:55, done by 2:40 (wasn't watching), rebuild (start 2:45... done 3:04) (no size change)

    • rebuild Portfolio2016 IPhoto: permissions (3:05), repair (3:08-3:20), rebuild (start 3:25....

    • at 3:28pm, with all machines active, still getting 22ms ping
    • 9pm, still great
    • remove Steam from startup (grr have to let it do Updates first)
    • turn on BackUp drive, run

    • to-do: complain about
      • only 1 Photos library sync to ICloud

      • IPad won't sync to IPhoto anymore, only Photos (and folder)

z2016-01-30- Uverse Wifi Hinky Again

LibYa is now in the RevoltsOf2011 game. On the evening of 15 February approximately 200 people began demonstrating in front of police headquarters in Benghazi following the arrest of Libyan human rights activist Fethi Tarbel.


  • update - Libyan leader Muammar Al Gaddafi is believed to have fled the capital Tripoli after anti-government demonstrators breached the state television building and set government property alight.

  • Tribal leaders railed against Gaddafi while reports swirled of soldiers defecting from their units to the opposition. There were also reports of senior Libyan officials resigning from their posts, outraged by the killings carried out by security forces.

  • JuanCole says: The residents are alleging that the Qaddafi regime has scrambled fighter jets to strafe civilian crowds, has deployed heavy artillery against them, and has occupied the streets with armored vehicles and strategically-placed snipers.

Mar19: a multi-state coalition began a military intervention in Libya, ostensibly to implement United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973. The United Nations Intent and Voting was to have "an immediate ceasefire in Libya, including an end to the current attacks against civilians, which it said might constitute crimes against humanity"

Mar31: "Whence Libya? Why Libya? Whither Libya?" by WRPolk. Finally, what is the alternative today in Libya? At this point there are no attractive or easy alternatives. That was true in VietNam and IRaq; it is certainly also true of Afghani Stan. So the easy thing is to keep on doing the same thing. But doing the same thing also causes the costs to rise and only rarely produces conditions conducive to policy change. A more sensible course of action is to try to stop digging the hole into which one is falling.

Aug'2011: fall of Tripoli

Oct20: Gaddafi killed by NTC.

The 2012 Benghazi attack took place on the evening of September 11, 2012, when Islamic militants attacked the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, killing U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith.

  • Oct'2012: Lt Col Andrew Wood answered that AlQaeda is now more established in Libya than it was prior to the 2011 intervention, and that the terrorist group is "certainly more established than we are." There were concerns during the intervention that the US and our NATO allies did not even know who made up the forces that were fighting to oust dictator Col. Muammar Ghaddafi. Similar concerns have arisen as the civil war in Syria escalates.

The civil war's aftermath led to violence and instability across the country, which erupted into renewed civil war in 2014... when General Khalifa Haftar launched Operation Dignity against Islamist groups. The Second Libyan Civil War[53][54] is an ongoing conflict between four rival organizations seeking to control Libya:

  • the internationally recognized government of the Council of Deputies that was elected democratically in 2014, also known as the "Tobruk government" and internationally known formally as the "Libyan Government", which has the loyalty of the Libyan Army under the command of General officer Khalifa Haftar and has been supported by air strikes by Egypt and the UAE.;[55]

  • the rival Islamist government of the new General National Congress based in the capital Tripoli, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, backed by the wider Islamist coalition known as "Libya Dawn"[56][57] and aided by Qatar, Sudan, and Turkey;[55][58]

  • the Islamist Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries, led by Ansar al-Sharia (Libya), which has had the support of the New General National Congress and the unrecognised government in Tripoli led by former Prime Minister Omar Al-Hassi, stating that Ansar al-Sharia are "simple, beautiful and amiable" as well as being engaged in “missionary work";[59]
  • and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant's Libyan provinces.

z2011-02-16- Libya Revolt
2 sides of Seneca
Pre School
It’s Preschool Open House Season, Motherfuckers

Apple Computer announced mid-2014 that it would be dropping IPhoto (and Aperture), replacing them with Photos.

More recently, TheWife has been using Photos at work, and now wants to migrate our stuff at home, specifically on our IMac. Alas, that Mac is still running MacOsX Mavericks, which doesn't offer Photos. And now that El Capitan is out, can't get Yosemite. So upgrading to El Capitan it is.

Copy TheWife's Photos files over to computer.

One thing she seems to do is take a PDF containing many images and import them into Photos. A friend gave her an Automator workflow that does this with IPhoto, but didn't find equivalent for Photos.

  • this site might help

z2016-01-23- Migrate From Iphoto To Photos
GoatRodeo index
Another random idea: Bot can initiate conversation by suggesting CheckIn/TemperatureR eading

Time Machine app was failing to BackUp to my IOmega: "an error occurred while copying files".

I tried installing Time Machine Buddy but it didn't seem to work. So I launched Console and filtered on backup and found that a resource within ITunes was causing the problem. So I added the entire iTunes.app to the exclusion list in Time Machine/options, and it worked fine.

z2016-01-30- Backup Failed Copying File

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