(2003-12-15) String Cheese Vs Ticketmaster

The String Cheese Incident is battling Ticket Master. Pearl Jam couldn't take Ticketmaster on in court because it didn't have its own ticketing company. But the String Cheese Incident does, and in August the Colorado-based jam band filed an antitrust suit in federal court, alleging that Ticketmaster has used its exclusive deals - and colluded with another ticket dealer - to foreclose competition, to keep service charges high, and to interfere with other ticketing companies, all violations of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act... String Cheese Incident and its ancillary concerns comprise an entertainment mini-conglomerate big enough to nearly fill a two-story office building in Boulder Co.

Update: SCI eventually settled the lawsuit.[2] In August 2004, SCI Ticketing announced that it was rebranding itself as Baseline Ticketing, and continues to compete in the ticketing industry today.

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