(2004-08-19) Carson Mutualist

Kevin Carson champions Mutualism - I can't figure out whether he's Anarcho Capitalist, Libertarian Socialist, or something else...

Semi-related, by Hans Hermann Hoppe, Democracy The God That Failed ISBN:0765808684 (Democracy)

  • intro
  • pitch - Nor is it an advantage of democracy that free entry into every state position exists (whereas under monarchy entry is restricted by the king's discretion). To the contrary, only competition in the production of goods is a good thing. Competition in the production of bads is not good; in fact, it is sheer evil. Kings, coming into their position by virtue of birth, might be harmless dilettantes or decent men (and if they are "madmen," they will be quickly restrained or if need be, killed, by close relatives concerned with the possessions of the dynasty). In sharp contrast, the selection of government rulers by means of popular elections makes it essentially impossible for a harmless or decent person to ever rise to the top. Presidents and prime ministers come into their position as a result of their efficiency as morally uninhibited demagogues. Hence, democracy virtually assures that only dangerous men will rise to the top of government... Democracy has transformed the limited wars of kings into Total War-s. (Pure War?) The motive for war has become ideological - democracy, liberty, civilization, humanity. The objectives are intangible and elusive: the ideological "conversion" of the losers preceded by their "unconditional" surrender (which, because one can never be certain about the sincerity of conversion, may require such means as the mass murder of civilians). And the distinction between combatants and non-combatants becomes fuzzy and ultimately disappears under democracy, and mass war involvement - the draft and popular war rallies - as well as "collateral damage" become part of war strategy.

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