(2004-12-07) Moyers Spitzer Dawkins

Transcript of Bill Moyers interviews with Eliot Spitzer ("Market facilitator", Transparent Society; Every time we have found fundamental impropriety, whether it was the analysts, mutual funds, insurance, pharmaceuticals. And nobody in those sectors, not once, has any industry voice before we found the impropriety, has any self-regulatory body (Profession) stood up and said, "Wait a minute, guys, we've gotta problem. Stop.") and Richard Dawkins (Evolution vs Intelligent Design controversy; Once you understand how Darwinism works, then you could easily see that that's a far better, far more parsimonious, far more scientific explanation than intelligent design... Because I too feel there's something deep and incomprehensible, and so far, uncomprehended at least. But what Albert Einstein was not, and what I am not, is a believer in anything supernatural. Because I think that actually brings it down to a lower level. I think that the level of Einstein, where he was actually awestruck by the universe, and by the fundamental unsolved problems of the universe. To bring that down to the level of a personality who takes decisions, who designs things, who listens to prayers, who forgives sins, all of the things that supernatural gods are supposed to do, I think it diminishes it, and demeans it.).

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