(2006-01-05) Nvu Html Editor

NVu is an Open Source HtmlEditor. Nvu was started by Lin Spire, Inc. Linspire is committed exclusively to bringing Desktop LinuxOS to the masses, and realized that an easy-to-use web authoring system was needed for Linux to continue its expansion to the Desktop. Linspire contributes significant capital, expertise, servers, bandwidth, marketing, and other resources to guarantee the continuation and success of the Nvu project. Linspire is pleased to have been able to contract with Daniel Glazman from DisruptiveInnovations to be the lead developer and maintainer for the Nvu project. Daniel has been the chief architect for Mozilla Composer and brings a tremendous amount of experience and expertise to the Nvu project... Nvu takes that basic (Mozilla) functionality to a new level by adding integrated web site management, better form and table support, better browser compatibility, etc.

Lion Kimbro is finding it handy for editing CSS.

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