(2006-09-15) Kolb XMPP Personal Server Proxy

Jason Kolb envisions a Personal Server which is basically an XMPP-based Proxy Server acting as an interface between a person and all the WebApp-s he uses. When you look at the network this level, you can see that the private server has another server sitting behind it which I like to call the storage server. It’s responsible for storing user data and running the guts of what the private server is actually capable of. In fact, the private server does nothing more than serve Web content and proxy requests to and from the storage server. All application logic and data storage is done on the storage server.

Yes, it actually would be possible to combine the private and storage servers, but there are two reasons I wanted to keep them separated. One is so that the private server can stay lightweight enough to run on Mobile devices, and the other is that it’s easier to load balance and distribute the heavy lifting if it’s decoupled from the user interface and external endpoints.

The private server is really just a collection of protocol endpoints. Its job is to normalize all incoming traffic (HTTP, SMTP, and XMPP) to an XMPP message that is either delivered to a connected client or shuttled to the storage server which processes the messages and does the heavy lifting.

Here's his entire 6-part "Reinventing the Internet" series. Everyone will eventually have their own Personal Server hosted at their own personal Domain, and those servers will be able to talk to each other and collaborate with each other. (P2P)

He responded to some comments from others. He like's Domain-s, DNS, URI-s, and LID. He does not like I Name/XRI.

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