(2006-10-22) Gordon My Life Bits

Clive Thompson on Gordon Bell's My Life Bits project to store (wear a Digital Camera on your neck that auto-snaps every x minutes) and access everything. See also: LifeStreams, LifeBox, Accelerando (Manfred Macx pre-SingularIty).

Related: Mark Bernstein on a Cathy Marshall talk. Since she works at Microsoft, I wouldn't be surprised if she's working with Gordon Bell. Mark say it is less expensive to keep things indefinitely than to take the time needed to decide what to keep and what to throw out, but that ignores the "cost" of bumping into things over and over when you're looking for something else. Kinda like David Allen house-cleaning. (Some of the Gordon Bell piece talks about people who think that forgetting stuff is key to sanity and perspective.)

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