(2007-01-07) Recent Open Id Action

Dave Winer got an OpenID and put the URI-s in his WebLog header.

SixApart's Vox supports it (in addition to Live Journal, where it started).

Simon Willison wrote a nice summary, and made a Screen Cast. He's using OpenID on his WebLog to authenticate comments.

Phil Becker wrote a good summary last month also.

Sam Ruby is using OpenID to authenticate comments on his WebLog also.

  • I Commented that it didn't work for me.

    • Sam figured out the issue - it was related to Comment Spam and not OpenID.

      • seems to have worked this time, although at end I get an empty form to edit my comment. And don't see the comment yet, it should be right after this one.

        • Nope, never showed up.
    • tried again 12:33pmEST; seemed to work, this time ended up at blog home-page. Yup, it showed up.

  • Sam Ruby has a follow-up post, including a section on YADIS.

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