(2009-03-20) Cisco Buying Flip

Cisco is buying Pure Digital, maker of the Flip Video Digital Video Camera.

Apr'2011: It's been a failure for them, and they're doing restructure. Killed by the IPhone/IPod? Founder Jonathan Kaplan doesn't think so. Neither does Michael Mace. The lesson in all of this: If you're at an enterprise company that wants to enter the consumer market, or vice-versa, you need to wall off the new business completely from your existing company. Different management, different financial model, different HR and legal. You might ask, if the businesses need to be separated so thoroughly, why even try to mix them? Which is the real point. (Conglomerate)

I just bought one a few weeks ago before a Spring Break trip. Our other video camera is too bulky (records to mini-DVD), and I'm not that excited by the Nexus One video, and wanted something cheaper than a Nexus One, and with a wrist-strap, for carrying into wading pools, etc. But it turned out we didn't use it for that purpose anyway.

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