(2009-07-15) Zed Lamson Gpl

Zed Shaw is using GPL for his Lamson and other code. Now, given that there's no incentive for a company to admit they use my stuff, and there's no incentive for a programmer to give me credit, ask yourself this one question: Why the fuck wouldn't I charge people money who can't use the GPL? I know, I know, many of you freesoftware diehards are thinking that makes me a traitor, but think about it. You have the software, and it's GPLed, and as long as you're a rock solid open source project who releases their code you are free to use it and do what you want with it. I love Open Source, but companies? Companies are going to have to pay from now on. That's how economics works. If it's good enough for you to use, why then it's good enough for you to pay for it.

But he reminds us that, as a server, anyone can use Lamson free, they just can't distribute it.

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