(2009-08-31) Where Am I

I think I live in the village of Barrington Il now, outside Chicago.

Or do I live in Cuba Township, which seems to include parts of Barrington and other villages (?). I believe all of Cuba Township is in Lake County, while most of Barrington is in Cook County (which includes the city of Chicago).

Municipalities in Illinois are called cities, towns, or villages. There are no differences among them that would affect their classification for census purposes; however, villages are governed by a board of trustees and village president rather than a city council and mayor.

Most western states have only Survey Township-s, such that all Local Government outside of incorporated municipalities is performed at the county level. In the Upper Midwestern states near the GreatLakes, Civil Township-s (known in Michigan as general law townships) are often, but not always, overlaid on the Survey Township-s. The degree to which these townships are functioning governmental entities varies from state to state and in some cases even within a state. For example, Illinois townships in the northern part of the state are active in providing public services - such as road maintenance, after-school care, and senior services - whereas townships in southern Illinois frequently abandon these services in favor of the county.

The Fox River, a tributory of the Illinois River (which is the major tributory of the Mississippi River) flows near the house.

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