(2009-09-12) Boyd Zero Impact Food

Stowe Boyd thinks we should aim for Zero Impact Food (Sustainable). People have to realize it's time to stop eating unsustainable protein, in general. Just about the only sustainable fish is Aquaculture of tilapia... Instead of thinking about food in terms of the "OrganIc" or even "local/slow" (Local Food/Slow Food) models, we should switch to a model of sustainability, where we work toward zero impact food. I read a lot a folks arguing that we should stop eating terrestrial meats, based on an argument of their unsustainability. However, it tursn out that Grass-Fed beef - where the animals are herded to fresh pastures frequently - may be the single most efficient and sustainable way to turn sunlight into protein. We need to segment foods differently: not by point of origin, food group, or organicness, but by the impact they have.

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