(2009-11-06) Nosql Taxonomy

A handy breakdown of NoSQL engines. Key-Value Store, Key-Value Cache, Object Data Base, Document Oriented, etc. But do those distinctions matter? "Who will win?" Steven asks. He answers: the most approachable API with enough power will win. I guess the taxonomy doesn't matter.

James Hamilton [tries](http://perspectives.mvdirona.com/2009/11/03/One Size Does Not Fit All.aspx) a different approach. There are a near infinite number of different taxonomies for the structured storage market, but one I find useful is a simple one based upon customer intent: 1) features-first, 2) scale-first, 3) simple structure storage, and 4) purpose-optimized stores.

Nov'2011: another attempt at matching the NoSQL subtype to your needs. The article takes four parameters about an application/usecase (Scale, Consistency, Type of Data, and Queries needed), then take some 40+ cases that arises from different value combination of those parameters and make one or more concrete recommendations on right storage solution for that case.

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