(2010-07-15) Maurya Actionable Metrics

Ash Maurya gives 3 rules on designing Actionable Metrics for your Start Up (AARRR, Sales Funnel, etc.)

  • Measure the “Right” Macro: Personally, I prefer to tie my retention action to the key activity that maps to the UVP.... Since Cloud Fire is a photo/video sharing service, I define the Key Activity as sharing at least 1 photo album or video per month.
  • Create Simple Reports
  • Be able to drill down to individual users (for troubleshooting, interviewing, etc.)

Wow, long-term analysis of cohorts. Very cool, but you have to wait a long time, and you need a way to generate summary data periodically so that the actual analysis doesn't require too much data history/analysis to generate. (You need a key-user-action log.)

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