(2010-09-15) Tiddly Space

I just noticed the development of Tiddly Space, which is [different](http://tiddlyspace.net/#%5B%5BWhat%20is%20the%20different%20between%20Tiddly Space%20and%20Tiddly Spot%3F%5D%5D) from Tiddly Spot: Tiddly Spot is a mature, popular service focused on publishing and sharing entire Tiddly Wiki documents. Tiddly Space is more experimental, and directed towards publishing and sharing individual tiddlers between documents.

This is a higher-level web app, building on Tiddly Web, to make it easy for folks to spin off new multi-user (or single-user) Tiddly Wiki instances. This is really the most important piece, and the one everything’s been leading up to, when it comes to Osmosoft’s mission to get all manner of web apps running inside the enterprise, and will hopefully be just as useful for other enterprises as well as ad hoc groups working on the broader internet. With Tiddly Space, you have an application running at <http://Tiddly Pocket Book.Tiddly Space.com> for example. You click a “clone” button, type in “Camera Guide”, and suddenly you have a clone of that web app running at <http://Camera Guide.Tiddly Space.com.> The neat thing is that the new space has copies of all the pocketbook tiddlers, which you can happily hack. The application tiddlers are “copied by reference” from a master application space, say <http://Tiddly Pocket BookApp.Tiddly Space.com,> so you will inherit any future changes made to the application. All this sounds complicated, but will be seamless to the user, and is also easy for us to implement while building Tiddly Space, thanks to Tiddly Webs’ flexible bags and recipes model for containment of tiddlers.

Oct29 update: node on One Tiddler, quoting Jeremy tweet: Tiddly Space philosophy: break information into smallest chunks, put them on the web, share via URL-s, manipulate and aggregate using JS.

Dec09 end-of-year [update](http://cdent.tiddlyspace.com/#%5B%5BTiddly Space%20EOY%5D%5D).

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