(2011-03-31) Rader Start A Movement Lead A Tribe But Only As A Last Resort

Gregory Rader: Start a Movement! Lead a Tribe! – But Only as a Last Resort. Throughout the talk 2008-10-20-GodinTribes Seth assumes causality without actually demonstrating it. Tribes and Movements are assumed to create change…where one is present the other is implied. Unfortunately, none of the anecdotes convincingly demonstrate the connection.

An innovative individual creates change, the tribe forms around that already created change.

The critical link that is ignored in nearly all discussion of tribes and movements is the proposed solution. This omission is predictable because it deemphasizes the role of the tribe. A tribe with no productive solutions is just a mob. The “organize first, think later” formula is a recipe for extremism, not productive solutions. So what if you do have a solution to offer?

When the benefits of a given solution are so obvious to self-interested individuals there is no need for a movement.

Should we organize a tribe to promote this incredible product? Of course, not. Once people are aware of such a product it is going to sell itself. People are going to buy it because it empowers them (excuse the pun).

If you admire politicians (or creepy cult leaders) then starting a movement or leading a tribe might be for you. If you are sane then I offer you two alternatives:

Empower – If you believe, as I do, that human nature is on net more good than evil, then empowering free individuals – enabling them to more effectively accomplish what they independently want to do - changes the world for the better. (Agency)

Connect – Bring people together so that they may empower each other. If you do not have an empowering solution to offer then bring together others who might contribute to a solution. However, this also is best achieved when not censored by your own agenda. Create collaborative groups not tribes and movements. (Connection)

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