(2011-10-08) Wilson Interviewing Perez

Fred Wilson will be interviewing Carlota Perez (author of Technological Revolutions And Financial Capital) next week. It will be streamed live. Unfortunately they only have 15minutes.

Update: he suggests reading these slides from a talk she gave during the summer, before the interview.

  • someone commented to note this older presentation which includes long speaker notes.

The slides (in the more-recent deck) that interest me:

  • #8: 3 tasks for government after the crash:
    • 1: intensive therapy for finance: done, even overdone
    • 2: redesign of regulation and financial architecture: This time global finance needs both national redesign and a global regulatory "floor" - still on the drawing board
    • 3: enable a structural shift in the real economy: rarely being considered as such
  • #9: parallels Cheap Oil to Cheap Information, notes how the latter is more environmentally Sustainable
  • #12: how was Mass Production Golden Age unleashed? What were the Turning Point rule changes?
  • #15: IT Positive Sum game: use info/networking to make Sustainable Life Style-s for millions
  • #17: "Green" is not only about saving the planet. It is about saving the economy and having a high (but different) Quality Of Life.

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