(2011-11-25) Cuny College Commons In A Box

The CUNY Academic Commons is proud to announce the establishment of The Commons In A Box, a new Open Source project that will help other organizations quickly and easily install and customize their own Commons platforms...Over the past two years, the CUNY Academic Commons has been lauded for its creation of a robust academic social network that connects faculty members, administrators, and graduate students across the diverse twenty-three colleges in the City University of New York system. Built on the popular open-source platforms Word Press, Buddy Press, and MediaWiki, the network has cultivated a strong sense of community among its members by providing public and private spaces in which they can connect to one another and share their academic and administrative work. As the project has progressed, the development team of the Cuny Academic Commons has regularly shared its own work with the wider Word Press community, releasing highly rated extensions that have been downloaded over 100,000 times.

Matthew Gold was the founding Project Director.

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