(2012-03-29) Hp Photosmart Wireless Not Working

Suddenly can't print to my HP PhotoSmart C309a: "printer offline"

  • turn printer on/off a couple times, doesn't matter


  • go to on-device control panel, turn wireless off and then on
  • run "wireless test report", says "wireless radio is not functioning"
  • find long thread online
  • unplug for 5min, re-plug. Still "offline" according to Mac
  • do "Restore Network Settings Defaults" - blue LED turns off
  • do "Wireless Network Wizard", blue LED turns on, starts "searching for wireless routers". Suddenly gives me "USB Device Not Compatible" message - there's no USB device attached! Can't get out of that alert. See from thread that this is not uncommon.
  • See on thread that some people had success after turning off Blue Tooth. So cycle power, turn off Blue Tooth, turn of Wireless, go to Wizard again. Not getting the USB message now, but still Searching forever....
  • someone on the thread bought a replacement wireless card, not even for the same model, but for an Office Jet 6500. I wonder whether these will work?
    • ordered the "Genuine HP Photosmart B210A Wireless WiFi Card P/N: 1150-7933" for $10 with free shipping.
    • here are unofficial instructions and pictures.

Sept17 - been procrastinating long enough...

  • unplug, swap card, put in plug again. Comes up, gives "USB Device Not Compatible" msg like above. Again, can't acknowledge this error to go anywhere.
  • So power down (hold button), power up again. Same error!
  • Shut down, unplug for few minutes, find this suggestion to hold # and 6 keys while turning back on, so try that, same error.
  • Unplug again (2:42), wait 5+ minutes... then will try booting up with thumb drive inserted...
  • Plug back in at 2:54 with thumb drive inserted. Comes up with same error.

OK I'm pulling the plug on this, time to shop for a new mac-friendly wireless Multi Function Printer....

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