(2012-09-18) Xoxo Festival

Wow, sounds like the Xoxo Festival (XOXO) was awesome.

Official site: XOXO is an arts and technology festival celebrating disruptive creativity. We’re bringing independent artists who use the Internet to make a living doing what they love together with the technologists building the tools that make it possible.

KickStarter project

Jason Kottke summary.

Anil Dash liveblogged it.

Ryan Tate sees it as a defining moment for people who express themselves creatively and independently online, as well as for those who aspire to help them, a moment when that community became aware of itself as a growing, sustainable cultural force... “Maker” culture. If there was one theme at XOXO, it was DIY.

For $25 you can order the talk videos. Not sure it will be the same. But still sounds like parents, teachers, and anyone else Raising Reality Hackers should get (including me - so I just ordered them).

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