(2012-10-16) Payment Processing For Simplest Thing

Simplest Thing's Business Model will be to charge a subscription/membership fee to users (probably quarterly, since the price will be low enough that monthly seems pointless).

Who should I use for payments?

Hope to avoid having to get a merchant account.

This will be US-only.

Hrm, is this the moment to form an LLC?

Have built some PayPal stuff in the past. Not horrible once you make your own shorthand notes from their billion-page PDFs. But so many horror stories about frozen accounts, esp for people selling non-tangibles...

  • if I were selling to techies or small businesses I might feel differently because so many of them are used to using their PayPal account already.

Recurly? Chargify? StripeCom? Others?

Stripe is sounding

  • cheapest
  • one of the easiest to integrate with
  • easy in terms of also providing a merchant account. (Though you could argue it's better to have a separate merchant account so it's easier to change processors.)

Interesting thread triggered by this cost comparison.

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