(2014-12-12) Music Instrument Practice Software Idea

Software idea Of The Day: tool to help during Musical Instrument practice session.

  • piece chosen, music (MIDI?) is in the software
  • search/links to videos of people playing piece; save favorites
  • record sound of student playing: don't have to save forever, just during session or a day or two
  • metronome: audio and/or visual
    • track history of tempos used by student at each section of piece
  • can play Music Minus One, or in unison with app (or shift app by an octave or more to make it easier to distinguish sound)
    • can set start/stop points to loop to keep working on 1 section
  • tuner
    • catch note errors in realtime
    • catch pitch errors in realtime
  • can play back recording at varying speeds to hear pitch and other problems more clearly
  • student can attach voice-note or typed-note to any point in the piece, draw symbols over top of piece

What else would you want? (Not that I am going to make this.)

Update: a friend suggests Chromatik (IOS app), which looks pretty cool except that the music library seems rather small (classical piano: 12 pcs; classical violin 6pcs).

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