(2016-04-24) Iphone Iphoto Photos Sync Delete Handling

The Wife wants some clarity around IPhone/IPhoto/Photos/ICloud Data Synch-and-Delete Handling. (Which will change within a month when she wants to get back to 2016-01-23-MigrateFromIphotoToPhotos.)

(Backgrounder: she's moved lots of career stuff into Photos, but IPhoto is still our family-archive-of-record.)

Attach IPhone to IMac with USB

  • ITunes launches
    • ITunes has nothing checked-on for synching photos
    • it does have "automatically Back Up to ICloud" turned on
  • Photos launches, not IPhoto
    • there's a checkbox at the top of the screen saying "Open Photos for this device" - it's checked now, and I uncheck it. Then quit it.
  • then I quit ITunes also, and unplug the phone

Re-Attach IPhone - now only ITunes launches

Manually launch IPhoto

  • it recognizes the IPhone, and offers to import 406 photos - but I know most/all of them are already in IPhoto
  • derp, the default IPhoto library is her old work/career stuff, so that confuses things.
  • so I un-mount the phone in IPhoto, physically disconnect it
  • Switch Library in IPhoto to family library
  • re-attach phone (without quitting IMac apps) - now IPhoto offers to import 166 new photos, and recognizes that 240 are already in both places. (But in actuality most/all the ones it doesn't recognize are in both places, too, they just got copied over in a weird way.)
  • select 1 (Number Two Son self-portrait painting) that I know(?) is in both places and Import - will it now recognize the dupe? Nope, it imports it - IMG_0657 from Jan16'2014 - is that the real date, or a date that something got copied over? I try searching by the image number, and find that new import plus 2 unrelated photos (from different cameras/phones). Can I find that image? It's 1129px-square, 268kb, from HTC VLE_U, which is my old HTC One S. So I search IPhoto for VLE_U and find matches - I see other photos of that paining, but they aren't square, and the coloring is a little different. Grr, maybe that didn't get brought over earlier, or it's something I took then emailed The Wife without every importing it? So I may be crazy.
  • I just go ahead and Import everything on the phone. I don't delete them from phone.
  • I delete a few photos of washer/dryer in IPhoto - knowing that won't delete them from phone. Disconnect phone. Those photos are still on phone. Manually delete them (wow, IOS won't let you select multi then delete, you have to go through each individually, with confirm prompt!?).

Is anything set for ICloud sharing?

  • IPhoto has both PhotoStream and Photo Sharing turned off.
  • I log into her ICloud account and click into Photos. I see it trying to update stuff from her Photos default library, so I just log out. (See old notes at 2016-01-30-UverseWifiHinkyAgain.)
  • Disconnect IPhone, then go in Photos on IPhone. Click on Albums and 1 of the Albums is shows is "My Photo Stream". So go into IPhone/Settings/ICloud and Photos is On: ICloud Photo Library is Off (would store entire library in ICloud), My Photo Stream is On (uploads new photos to ICloud and sends them to all ICloud devices over WiFi?!?), ICloud Photo Sharing is On (shares Albums with other people).
  • Go into The Wife's IPad, launch Photos. Looks like the Photos are all work, Shared is a few personal photos, Albums are all work. Go into Settings/Photos: only "ICloud Photo Sharing" is On.

Random bits

  • I got back into IPhoto, to Last Import, and tag some of the photos per our usual tags.
  • Disconnect phone, take fresh photo, re-attach. See photo available for Import in IPhoto. But I can't delete it (from IPhone) there.

In another week I'll go back to trying to migrate our IPhoto stuff to Photos for good, and figure out the Sharing process (e.g. want to take bunch of pictures on phone, have them auto-flow to ICloud then down to IMac/Photos, then be able to delete most of those pictures on the phone without having them delete everywhere else (because the goal is to keep hilights on the phone)).

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