(2017-09-23) Hill Roadmap Endpointing

Michael D. Hill tweetstorm framing RoadMap process as "Endpointing". Endpointing is over-focus on eventual destination. in s/w, it's seeing development as a long trip to a known destination on a known map.. Within a few weeks, predictability virtually vanishes... and just as we're moving, so is it (the destination). it isn't just the market that changes, it's really everything related to our vision, including us... it encourages us to make commitments we can't possibly keep. that in turn encourages lots of very counter-productive behavior... it encourages us to mislead. we mislead ourselves, each other, our customers, our shareholders... i work hard to avoid words like "evil", but this is a kind of structural madness... optimize for small doable/undoable steps. optimize for motivation, the engine that keeps us going... give 75% of your attention to this week, 20% to this month, and 5% to this year... harvest every inch of value you find every step of the way by handing it to customers... the opposite of "endpointing" is "next-stepping". train people in these ideas, AT EVERY LEVEL. they're relevant in code, process, planning.

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