(2017-11-28) How Wework Became The Starbucks Of Office Culture

Sonya Mann: How WeWork Became the Starbucks of Office Culture. As of October, it had 172 locations in 18 countries, used by more than 150,000 members. WeWork itself employs over 3,000 people. And it has capped the year by buying Meetup

This year, WeWork started offering logistics and office-management tools as a bundled service. Essentially, you can WeWork-ify your entire headquarters.

WeWork insists that its operational prowess is something that competitors can't replicate. The company has developed in-house logistics software to coordinate every aspect of building and managing its locations. WeWork is also seeking to automate office functions like access control with custom hardware.

WeWork wants to be considered a services company -- one whose key differentiator is an ability to create office culture in its myriad co-working spaces.

it may be more accurate to think of WeWork as a B2B version of Starbucks, with its market cap of almost $80 billion, rather than measly Regus.

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