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Ben Brown: Bots on the Web, Bots in your App: Botkit Anywhere – Howdy

Today we are announcing that Botkit can now be used to create conversational apps and AI-powered agents for the web, without any external messaging platforms, using Botkit Anywhere

We have a vision of a conversational software future where people will interact naturally with connected services of all types. It isn’t about the narrow field of “enterprise bots.” It is about a paradigm shift towards software that is context-aware, multi-modal, and integrated into normal human life in a way that traditional user interfaces just can’t be.

most things that get done on the internet — like shopping, reading news, and using your bank — are still happening outside of Slack.com, on the biggest, most exciting and most heavily used digital communication platform in history: the web.

Botkit’s new capabilities offer a powerful way of embedding conversational experiences into any website or native app.

Just remix our sample app, and you’ve got a working bot that can be embedded in your website. It includes a customizable HTML-based chat UI and a built-in messaging server ready to host thousands of simultaneous one-on-one chats. (ChatBot)

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