(2018-01-24) The Best Apps And Games For Social Emotional Learning (SEL) And Positive Psychology In Teenagers

The Best Apps and Games for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Positive Psychology in Teenagers. Many of the core characteristics of social emotional learning (SEL) and positive psychology intersect with executive-functioning skills

vital skills that help teens to be resilient to stress; display signs of kindness, compassion, and cooperation with others; and exhibit self-control and the capacity to manage their lives

there are some powerful games and apps that practice or support social emotional learning (SEL) and positive psychology skills through game play. The vast majority of these games and apps are not designed with positive psychology principles such as hopefulness, gratitude, optimism, grit, mindfulness, zest, and self-improvement in mind, but many can be used to help teenagers become more resilient, self-motivated, and insightful.

Gone Home allows players explore a spooky house while encouraging them to explore the concepts of self-assessment, empathy, and resilience.

With challenging gameplay and content, Never Alone manages to tell an important historical tale that translates across cultures. Created in cooperation with the indigenous Iñupiaq of Alaska, Never Alone helps your teen see beyond themselves to learn about and appreciate the resilience of a people who have endured innumerable hardships.

Smiling Mind was designed with the help of psychologists and other health professionals to help users be more mindful. A person who is mindful is completely present in the moment and operating at their full potential. Teens benefit from this app which includes meditations for all age groups

SuperBetter. SuperBetter is like a video game for life, helping users achieve personal goals by allowing them to make everyday chores and responsibilities into quests and missions. Drinking more water, exercising, avoiding unhealthy foods and habits, calling a friend, writing a letter, taking a bike ride — anything a user needs to work on, they can find some outside accountability and video-game-style immediate rewards in SuperBetter

Minecraft: Story Mode. With its rampant popularity and star-studded cast, Minecraft: Story Mode is easy to view as a piece of popular culture fluff. But hidden inside this point-and-click game with hectic button-mashing quicktime events is a true-to-life lesson in consequences. The choices a player makes in Minecraft: Story Mode affect the game in many ways, giving them practice with social awareness and self-assessment

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