(2018-01-30) Apple Watch Is A Bridge To The Future

Apple Watch Is a Bridge to the Future

Apple Watch is giving wearers a glimpse of the future by introducing new ideas around how artificial intelligence, voice, digital assistants, and smart sensors can come together to produce a new kind of experience.

Instead of relying on a collection of apps on my wrist, most of my interactions with services and features on Apple Watch end up being through the Siri watch face and various cards featuring glanceable amounts of information and data chosen for me by a digital assistant. These cards are personalized for me based on the time of day and my schedule. The implications of this computing experience are immense. We move away from pulling data from various apps and getting pushed mostly useless notifications to being pushed a curated feed of data that is always changing and tailored to the day at hand. Every app developer will be impacted by this dynamic.

While AirPods are a pair of wireless headphones that work with a plethora of devices, including iPhone, Apple is positioning them as an Apple Watch accessory more than anything else

Apple Watch and a pair of AR glasses...

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