(2018-04-10) Four Lessons Universities Can Learn From The Booming Business Of Learning

Christensen Institute: Four lessons universities can learn from the booming business of learning. It’s a tough time for colleges

At the same time, it’s an incredible moment for the business of learning

But can traditional institutions play in higher education’s growth markets?

Some are starting to. Here are four lessons that colleges and universities can learn from the disruptive change taking place in higher education:

1) Online learning can expand access and lower costs…with the right business model

In many cases, schools are using online education as a hybrid innovation; that is, employing disruptive technology (the internet) to sustain their existing business model. This can mean that online courses actually cost more than their brick and mortar equivalents, and that schools aren’t always taking advantage of online courses to scale and bring new consumers into the market.

2) New funding models can change organizational incentives

In these new funding models, the school (or a third party) holds the risk. This means that schools have skin in the game

3) Workforce alignment can power the business model of higher education

4) The market for unbundled learning experiences could be massive

Traditional college is perhaps one of the most highly bundled products in the world

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