(2018-05-12) Jeffries Developers Should Abandon Agile

Ron Jeffries: Developers Should Abandon Agile (Agile Software Development)

My thinking is taken from something Kent Beck said over a decade ago. I would like the world to be safe for developers

I believe that developers should detach their thinking from any particular named “Agile” method.

No matter what framework or method your management thinks they are applying, learn to work this way:

Produce running, tested, working, integrated software every two weeks, every week.

Keep the design of that software clean.

Use the current increment of software as the foundation for all your conversations with your product leadership and management.

This is the development team’s best hope for a reasonable life.

As we lead up to the deadline, and as we negotiate what to do next, the running software in our hands lets us keep the conversation focused on the next, most important thing to do, rather than the near-infinite list of things they think they want

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