(2018-10-16) Altucher Chip Conley How To Find Your Calling At Age50 Or Older

James Altucher episode 401 - Chip Conley: How To Find Your Calling At Age 50 (Or Older). Chip Conley. He’s the Head of Hospitality for Airbnb. Chip has a new book out called “Wisdom at Work.”

He’s 58 and he’s not retired. He said he found a new “calling.” People with jobs and careers want to retire. People with callings don’t.

I asked Chip how he found his calling

1. Mine Your Mastery.

He had spent the majority of his career disrupting the standard hotel industry.

But let’s say you’re reading this and thinking “No one’s going to approach me.”

Make a list. Write down all of your skills (the things you got really good at over the last 5, 10, 20 years). Then cross out all the ones you don’t enjoy doing.

Step B: Make a list of things you’re curious about.

2. Get Clear

Here’s how I get clear: I go back to my 10 year old self. And I write down everything I loved back then.

3. Forget Who You Think You Are

Chip thought he was going to be CEO, Brian Chesky’s mentor. He was wrong. “Within the first couple weeks, I realized… I’m the intern.”

He combined what he knew with what he didn’t know

“And that’s what a modern elder is,” he said. “A modern elder is not the traditional eder that passed and is regarded with reverence. The modern elder is all about relevance

“By taking that timeless wisdom and applying it to modern problems.

he already faced the skepticism and mistrust since it didn’t have “Hilton” on the name. So he had to battle that.

he saw they had this “superhost program.”

there were only 200 superhosts in the world.

Now, there are 700,000 superhosts around the world.

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