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Taylor Pearson: How to Create a Personal Vision Statement. In 2012, I was mainly suffering from a failure of imagination. While there are legitimate obstacles that hold people back, often times the biggest one is our own conception of what is possible. (Part of Effective Entrepreneur process.)

The Power of a 25 year Vision My 25-Year Vision Roles

How to Craft Your 25-Year Vision

I’m going to walk through this exercise for your work life

List everything you can think of.

For each challenge, ask the “Five Whys.”

You don’t have to get all the way to 5 Whys for each one, but go as far as you can to look for deeper root causes.

“If you were reading this twenty five years from today, and reflecting on the events of those twenty five years, what has to have happened in your professional life for you to feel successful?”

This should feel totally impossible and saying it out loud should feel embarrassing.

Step 2: For each of your aspirations, list what challenges need to be overcome

Step 3: What opportunities need to be captured

Step 4: What strengths need to be leveraged?

These are things that you are naturally good at

Step 5: Create a 25-year vision document

Role (one Role per Area?)

what someone living your chosen life would be called

Why you want it

What you want

Step 6: Copy this document somewhere you can read it every morning.

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