(2019-02-15) Peter Thiels Founders Fund Just Invested In A Womens Fashion Brand

Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund just invested in a women’s fashion brand. The brand, co-founded by Sali Christeson in 2017, is a direct-to-consumer workwear startup. Argent was born in the Bay Area, and fulfilled a very specific need in the market, catering to female professionals who are looking for practical office attire that looks polished, but not overly formal or feminine.

She wanted to create clothes that eliminated some of the everyday hassles she saw in women’s workwear, like clothes that were too tight or that didn’t have functional pockets

Argent has been creative in its retail and branding strategy. It partnered with WeWork to create pop-up stores, for the women who use the co-working space. It often hosts networking and career development workshops for these women, in an effort to create a vibrant community for them. And the brand has an edgy, slightly subversive aesthetic. One image on the website features two women in suits with Post-its on their foreheads with the words “aggressive” and “bossy” scribbled on them, as a way to push back against stereotypes of working women.

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