(2019-07-14) Bought Amazon Fire HD8

Bought Amazon Fire HD-8 Tablet, because it was marked down to $50. (If I want to kill the advertising on it, that's an extra $15.)

Mostly using as Kindle reader.

No Instapaper app on it.

Can I install MoonReader on it?

  • yes, but I have to pay another $5 for it - worth it
  • but want to confirm I can do Android File Transfer or Droid NAS to copy files over....
  • update: Android File Transfer works great. But then realized I couldn't actually buy/download MoonReader. I finally emailed dev and he confirmed Amazon stops them.

It does have Netflix, which is nice for watching stuff in bed.

Want to find a MindMapping app, and one for FreeFormMindMap. Settle for webapp? Not sure... 2019-11-03-AndroidOrCloudMindmapping

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