(2019-08-22) Don't Like Facebook? Try Building Your Own Social Network

Don't like Facebook? Try building your own social network. Host Molly Wood spoke with Darius Kazemi, a programmer and artist who recently wrote a guide to building your own small-scale social media network - see related 2019-07-09-TiredOfTodaysPlatformsRunYourOwnSocialMediaNetwork

It sounds like you might be saying that maybe community doesn’t need to be a business

I use the metaphor of free public libraries

the way that I run Friend Camp is we have a Patreon. It’s just a convenient way to collect monthly dues from people who are on Friend Camp, and people pay between zero and $5 a month for their social media experience. It doesn’t cover my time as a developer. If I were doing this for a job, I would want to be paid a lot more money for it. But it’s a service that I’m giving myself as much as anyone else

I would like to see the commoditization of the hosting of that thing.

some of the competitors that have sprung up to Facebook or Twitter are small communities that seem to end up getting real toxic.

But [a private online community] also gives me the space to imagine my own better world with my people. And then we can take that out into the public and test these ideas.

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