(2019-10-30) Of Infinite Space Opening At Photoeye Bookstores Project Space

Of Infinite Space: Opening at photo-eye Bookstore's Project Space. Book Review Of Infinite Space Photographs by David Loughridge Reviewed by Sarah Bradley. David Loughridge, an early Meow Wolf member, passed away at age 33, leaving behind a large archive of stunning unpublished photographs. Curated to match his portfolio and printing style, Of Infinite Space brings together snapshots of daily life with family and friends, conceptual portraits, and a reproduction of “Hall of Fools,” his 2009 solo show at Meow Wolf.

Upon moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, David’s camera was in constant use: creating thoughtful portraits of his friends and artful behind-the-scenes photographs of the early Meow Wolf collective, of which David was an integral member.

Meow Wolf will be co-hosting an event at photo-eye Project Space to honor David Loughridge and his posthumous monograph, Of Infinite Space.

I knew him during his last five years, a time which included working together on a few massive projects with the then DIY art collective Meow Wolf.

No amount of looking at or writing about photobooks has prepared me to see this book without personal distortion. It’s a book where I appear in pictures full of people whose names I can rattle off like classmates in a yearbook.

David had a disarming frankness when discussing his bipolar disorder. It was part of him, part of knowing him. Mental illness itself can be a kind of distortion and photography was frequently a coping method for him, perhaps a way to trick the brain back into clearer sight.

His first collaboration with Meow Wolf, a solo photography show titled Hall of Fools, included an explicit description of his time in a behavioral and mental health hospital.

Scattered through these pages are projects and candid moments, tender portraits and documentation of shared lives, be they Meow Wolf or with his family. David had a knack for seeing the scenes within scenes.

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