(2022-02-21) Lost my ipod

I've lost my iPod (7th-gen nano, 16GB). I have to decide what to do


  • my car doesn't have bluetooth, nor ipod interface, but has aux-in
  • my aging Pixel 2 XL has 1 USB-C port, no aux-out


  • keep using my phone (I have 50GB free) and listen just through its tiny speakers
  • keep using my phone and listen with air-buds - concerned about not hearing traffic noise, etc.
  • keep using my phone with one of those FM-transmitter things. Hmm, Anker makes one... - bought
    • I was irritated by the noise (was going to look for better FM frequency) when I discovered this unit has an aux-out, so I just hooked that up, and it works great
    • copied my top 500 songs to my phone (ugh using AirDroid), playing them with YT Music
  • buy a new one - they don't make them anymore
  • buy a new ipod-touch - no aux-out
  • buy a used 7th-gen-nano
  • other?

Outcome: bought Pixel-6 for other reasons.

  • Amazon Music feels like it will try to upload my tunes, charge me premium, etc.
  • have been using YT Music, but it takes 8-10sec pause between each tune!
  • at some point in the past I used some other app, but then I read it might be a malware risk....
  • ah, I have VLC on the phone already, I'll try that...

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