(2022-03-23) Owens The Enormous Media Company You've Never Heard Of

Simon Owens: The enormous media company you've never heard of. aA organization that spans across dozens of channels, tens of millions of subscribers, and billions of views. The name of that organization? Complexly. Complexly is an educational media company run by the brothers Hank Green and John Green.

Complexly is much, much bigger than just the Green brothers. Its about page lists 51 full-time employees, most of whom work in some form of video production. And if you include Hank and John’s channels in the mix, the company operates around 22 separate verticals, with the most emphasis placed on YouTube as the primary form of distribution.

Total social media followers: 55.2 million
Total YouTube views: 5 billion
Total Patreon subscribers: 17,294
(I think he's adding people as though they're all unique)

So why doesn’t Complexly receive much coverage?

The first has to do with the fact that legacy media (MSM), in general, isn’t very good at covering creator-led businesses

I think the other reason Complexly hasn’t received much attention is because, like most creator-led businesses, it’s completely bootstrapped.

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