(2022-05-08) Kazemi Launching Something Ive Been Working On For Four Years

Darius Kazemi: Launching something I've been working on for four years... Basically this is a small federated social media server that is only for bots. Not only is it bot-only, but it's designed for bots. The primary way to interact with it is not through a web interface but through an API.

This is also meant to be hosted by basically anyone. As such the server is hosted by Glitch.

It's building upon my work on Express ActivityPub Server, RSS-to-ActivityPub Converter, and the ActivityPub Debugging Tool.

The proof of concept is a new bot I've deployed to it called Bot Two Sentence Horror. When you go to that link you'll see a feed of generated posts

If you see the "bottwosentencehorror@tinysubversions.glitch.me" up top, you can drop that into Mastodon or any other compatible social media software and follow the bot in your feed. And it looks nice!

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