(2022-08-04) ZviM Covid 8/4/22 Rebound

Zvi Mowshowitz: Covid-19 8/4/22: Rebound. Another study takes untreated Covid patients who did not get Paxlovid, and finds viral rebound and symptom rebound in 12% and 27% of participants respectively, 10% of the 27% being after all symptoms had gone away. This suggests a strong possibility that all this ‘Paxlovid rebound’ worry is more ‘this is what happens when you are looking for rebounds’ than it is ‘there are a lot of rebounds caused by this

This week’s ‘Long Covid is devastating the labor market’ slide deck is out, claims 9% decline in labor force participation rate a year after Covid. I once again suggest doing the math on the population-level statistics


Systematic review finds the secondary attack rate for Monkeypox among household members to be 8%. Previous link reports that rate to be under 1%, which is crazy and I presume won’t be sustained, but still. The 8% is not zero but it is also not very high, and points strongly towards the disease not surviving in the absence of sexual promiscuity

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