(2023-03-15) Meow Wolf Ceo Vince Kadlubek Steps Down For Now

Meow Wolf CEO Vince Kadlubek Steps Down – for Now. Vince Kadlubek stepped down from his role as Meow Wolf CEO on October 18; he will be replaced by a team of the company's officers, all of whom have considerable corporate experience.

Kadlubek will be replaced by three people: Chief Creative Officer Ali Rubinstein, Chief Financial Officer Carl Christensen, and Chief of Content Jim Ward.

Rubinstein spent more than 22 years at Walt Disney Imaginineering; Christensen has worked at Goldman Sachs, investmentbank.com and the Color Run race series; and Ward served as president of LucasArts and senior vice president of Lucasfilm.

While Meow Wolf has become a major economic force in Santa Fe, it was sued this summer for gender discrimination and unfair labor practices, reported the Santa Fe New Mexican. The company has also been accused of unethically forcing investors to sell shares of stock, which led to rumblings of another class-action lawsuit, reported the Denver Post.

As chronicled in the documentary Meow Wolf: Origin Story, Kadlubek's time with the company has long been fraught. He has left as a leader before, only to return. And in his resignation letter, he left that possibility open again.

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