(2024-03-31) Robb Packetized Media

John Robb: Packetized Media. The media we produce and consume is rapidly getting more granular and dynamic.

Books —> Essays and articles —> Posts (X, Reddit, etc.)

Movies and plays —> TV shows —> YouTube —> TikTok and X

Packets flow into the network like puzzle pieces, searching for a puzzle they will fit into.

We then stitch these packets together — as individuals or in collaboration with loosely connected networked groups — to construct larger social constructs.

older types will be integrated into the new dominant form

Repeated use of a new dominant media forcibly alters how we think and perceive reality—it actively rewires the neurons in our brains (as we saw with the mass adoption of reading during the Reformation).

This new method of thinking will inevitably force social reorganization

due to the dynamism of this media and the rise of AI, this reorganization will occur far faster than we have seen previously

networked thinking lets people rapidly contextualize information in a dynamic environment to spot opportunities (jobs, skills, investments, etc.) and potential dangers.

Most readers of this report are likely natural pattern matchers (as opposed to those currently being raised into it or forcibly converted) and have been relatively successful with this mode of thinking.

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cf ThinkingTools Interaction as Medium

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