Social GoalSetting/ToDoList created by Erik Benson: 43 Things was a social networking website established as an online goal setting community.[2] It was built on the principles of tagging, rather than creating explicit interpersonal links (as seen in Friendster and Orkut). Users created accounts and then listed a number of goals or hopes; these goals were parsed by a lexer and connected to other people's goals that were constructed with similar words or ideas. This concept is also known as folksonomy. Users could set up to 43 goals, and were encouraged to explore the lists of other users and "cheer" them on towards achieving their goals. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/43_Things

Michael Habib: A Community Study


Enabling users to list up to 43 of their goals. They explain that writing down one's goals can be helpful for:

Enabling users to view other users goals. They explain that viewing other peoples goals will help users by allowing them to:

Enabling users to share their progress reaching their goals because:

This section will list the tasks supported in 43 Things.

Users post entries and comments in the same way as in a blog

One of the more original aspects of 43 Things is its use of tagging to develop folksonomies for both finding new goals and connecting similar goals

In fact, goals themselves can be considered a specialized type of tagging, making 43 Things a social networking site based almost entirely off the concept of tagging

RSS feeds are offered extensively throughout 43 Things. This enables users to perform the monitoring task listed above

Given the ease of finding existing goals using the search bar, it is possible that these redundancies are because it is easier to create new goals than to find existing goals. This is a problem because redundancies prevent critical masses from forming around individual goals.

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