Baby Rocker Chair

For a baby to be able to (a) sleep in for a nap, and (b) sit up and look around. FlickR:BabyRockerChair.

Chicco rocker: we had one that we really liked, but gave it away.

  • The newer model seems clunky. But we bought it.

  • Later my mother-in-law found the old one at her apartment - not where we normally stored stuff.

The Baby Bjorn BabySitter123 is rather large (too big to comfortably carry to the next room if the kid is asleep in it), and doesn't recline all the way.

Mac Laren has a rocker. Seems to fully recline.

Svan Bouncer says it reclines fully, but none of the pictures seem to demonstrate that.

Combi has some rockers, which recline all the way.

The Fisher Price Infant To Toddler Rocker doesn't claim to be fully reclining, but one reviewer notes it being flatter than most for newborns.

  • they have other bouncers also.

    • the Papasan seems a little limited in age/range

    • the SmartStages swing/rocker gives a whole different feature set, but the bulk is annoying for urban dwellers.


  • bought the Baby Bjorn rocker

    • of the 3, this one has the greatest tendency to force a large poop to squeeze up the back of the diaper past the waistband.
  • bought the new Chicco

  • then found the old Chicco, which we prefer to the other 2.

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