Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee made without hot water. Less acidic than hot-brewed Ice Coffee, and stores longer.

Comments on this post discuss how long it's ok to store.

Toddy maker $40

Kyoto dripper (aka Coffee Art)

Hotel Room cold-brewing with an Aeropress, Zip Loc bag, and metal tea strainer.

  • commenter counter-suggests a FrenchPress Travel Mug vs the aeropress/strainer rig.

My Feb'2013 crude attempts

  • using coffee that was already ground for "automatic drip cone paper filter" - not coarse-ground
  • use Zip Loc Twist N Loc medium (roughly quart) sized container - fill 1/3 grounds, then fill to top with spring water (which we already have because of our Well-Water)
  • soak overnight in fridge
  • put paper filter in standard plastic funnel (requires a little folding), put metal strainer on top of that, pour in grounds, let it drip (requires dumping the strainer a couple times)
  • definitely a bit better
  • but given that I'm already hot-brewing coffee for The Wife every day, not worth the extra trouble, I think...

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